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Who we are

History of the company

The Angelina Chwalek Handbag company idea started years ago with business partners Michael and Joe. We decided to create a handbag company made with the finest leather, since Brazil is one of the leading manufacturers of leather in the world. Our Goal was to create new affordable handbags for men and women with a  custom lining that depicts the world-famous promenade at Copacabana Beach designed by Burke Marks.
    Our inspiration for naming the handbag company came from; one day at on the way to church Joe heard sounds of kittens crying,  followed sounds to a trashcan, and 

found two kittens in bad health. After months of nursing them back to health, Angelina and Angel are two very healthy cats. So we chose the name for women handbags ANGELINA and last name of our founder Michael CHWALEK that created the MEN'S collection under his name.

The company donates a portion of sales to SPCALA-FRIENDS FOR LIFE

Beach sidewalk pattern from Copacabana, Brazil